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However the majority of those who practice seidh in the sagas are female. Sometimes it’s Freyja and I know I’m heading to another realm. The first is to provide spiritual counselling for a maximum number of people in a single session. According to the master, it is stupid to ask questions which can be answered by research, reason or ethical principles. That said, here are a few training suggestions for your inspiration: Find (or get found by) a staff. Seidr is the intriguing and powerful early Norse system of shamanistic trance practices. Chapter 2 is the first chapter of practical exercises. Each seer/ess or Guide visualizes the journey and narrates it in his or her own way, however the route is always essentially the same. Recommended reading: Please, if you happen to know any knowledge of magic within the Asatru/Nordic Pagan branch, please list them and give some info on how to practice. The Practice of Seidr. . As a Seidr, I hope to help others find their Way, to navigate through the realms of consciousness, to point to tools they can use to expand awareness and improve attention. In the future, we will continue to train more seer/esses, and give them the experience they need to function more and more independently. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Sources would be much appreciated. The practice of Seidr as defined by many is the practice of peering onto the Web of Wyrd (web of reality) and altering its course of motion. Since we know very little of it, we can speculate and revise and revive it however we feel intuitively compelled to do so. Cursing has been described as a Seiðr practice by Jan Fries and Freya Aswynn. Discover a whole new way you can treat yourself to high quality education and training! What my intention was. At an earlier period, both men and women appear to have practiced this craft. The effectiveness of this may be judged by one attendee’s comment that the experience felt like participating in something out of National Geographic. I practice Seiðr. In this episode I introduce the magical practices of Seidr and Galdr. The practice of seidr has changed rapidly with the modern times and it's evolution; more Shaman and Wicca traits are being used in its practices. Someone he/she enlists to chant for him or her will induce the seidkona to a trance state. I use white sage or mugwort. The Icelandic sagas are rich in accounts of magic of all kinds, including spirit journeys, weatherworking, healing, prophecy, and shapechanging. The first step is purification with the smoke of sacred herbs. Now to a general practitioner of magick myself this practice of altering the course of future is simply the art of being the cause to in turn create change. It also places the entire group in a rapport which facilitates the divination. — (Shamanism and Old English Poetry, p. 97). This pathway through the collective unconscious has been well surveyed. The only historical references are some weak Galdr texts, and instruction on how the songs should be written. She taught this magic to the Aesir so all had some proficiency even if they rarely practiced it. The experience is generally pleasant. Then I put scented oil on my temples, neck and wrists. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The present account is intended to serve only as an introduction — those who are seriously interested in learning this technique are invited to write to me at Box 5521, Berkeley, CA 94705. use the contact form on this site. When she arrived, she was given an opportunity to get to know the place, and then fed a meal of the hearts of all the different kinds of beasts available (possibly a reference to a sacrifice, in which the rest of the meat would have been eaten by the others). You can read more in THE LEGACY OF SEIDR and KEEP IT CLOSE TO NATURE. I just get into trance and see how things unfold. The practice for which we have the most information is called seidh (nominative case in Old Norse, seidhr), which may come from a word meaning “to speak” or “to sing”, or possibly be cognate to the verb “to seethe”, derived from the rituals of salt-boiling (Grimm, III:1047). The form of divination described above is one of a group of practices referred to as Seidh, which bear a strong resemblance to activities which in other cultures are called Shamanism. Vitki-like didst pass through the world of men. Then I journal the experience in my vitki book. Other texts suggest that formerly such priestesses travelled with a group of younger people, perhaps in training, but at this period the Spákona Thorbjorg alone remained. How to say Seidr in English? The practice of Seidr as defined by many is the practice of peering onto the Web of Wyrd (web of reality) and altering its course of motion. Its benefits, as with any experience, depend on the use that is made of them. The Guide or drummer then begins a slow beat, and Guide begins the induction, or the Seer/ess may narrate the journey. One or more of the participants may orient and balance the group by honoring the directions and the local nature spirits. Then I often will do a rune reading for clarification. If I’m seeking wisdom I call on Odin. What should he do? It begins with instructions to relax the limbs, to deepen and regularize the breathing. Just a note: this is an article I wrote a while ago that is being re-posted from other platforms that I used to be active on. Jan Fries regards seidr as a form of "shamanic trembling", which he relates to "seething", used as a shamanic technique, the idea being his own and developed through experimentation. If I do travel I call upon the Norns and Hela for assistance. Physical symbols, which speak to the unconscious, help us to convince ourselves and those who work with us that we are indeed recreating the spirituality of our ancestors. Hrafnar performs seidh at several annual festivals as well as on special occasions. The intricate design of the Valknut – which is a complex shape that can be made from a single unicursal line – renders upon it an association with mental trickery. In order to make sense of the collection of beliefs and practices which make up Seiðr, some definitions shall be considered, followed by a look at some of the practices involved and their implications. In short, what the gods have granted us to do by dint of learning, we must learn. The gods will have to help you with the rest. By intentionally furnishing the first part of the journey with images from Norse culture, we increase the probability that the original material that follows will come from the same stratum of the collective unconscious, providing an integrated and comprehensible experience. A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. The trees arch overhead to form a tunnel, through which one passes to the Sacred Grove. Then I start drumming. Some of the Scandinavian practices may well have been learned from the Saami (Lapps) or Finns, but accounts from Celtic and even Greek legend support a belief in native Indo-European shamanism as well. The larger the group being served, the more useful a division of labor in the ceremony becomes. I’ll just be snapped back into ordinary consciousness once I have gotten what I came for. My practice has grown to the point that I trust my skills. According to Blain, seidr is an intrinsic part of spiritual practice connecting practitioners to the … Such a definitive tradition suggests generations of journeying. The VTDI is the institution you can trust to provide education and training programmes designed especially with. In part VII of the Ynglingasaga, we learn that —. I ve been doing my research on mainly the runes, but some sources tell me that there are other magical practices such as galdr or seidr, but doesn t really tell me how to practice such magic. I'm coming to this from what you would consider Seidr or Ergi. To prophesy, the Greenland Völva sat upon a raised seat with a cushion stuffed with hen feathers. But I don’t do seidr every day anymore. In the literature, seidh refers to various kinds of magical practice, including an act of divination or prophecy performed while in trance. His body then lay as if sleeping or dead, but he became a bird or a wild beast, a fish or a dragon, and journeyed in the twinkling of an eye to far-off lands, on his own errands or those of other men. Who shows up. a Seidr worker and it also states that “he was a thief, and in other respects a very wicked man.” It should not be thought that the telling of fortunes is considered an immoral practice within the Odinic faith. None of this is strictly necessary for the practice of seidh. My practice has grown to the point that I trust my skills. Please join me in experiencing Seidr as a solo practice, a Nature Practice and a community practice. I use white sage or mugwort. If the first Seer/ess has guided the journey, at this point a second person takes over as Guide. But I don’t do seidr every day anymore. .” says the leader. Then I put scented oil on my temples, neck and wrists. Seidh is not intended to replace other spiritual or therapeutic practices. The seidr developed by Paxson’s Hrafnar group in California is based around this saga, with a journey to the realm of the dead, Hel, as a contemporary innovation based on ancient sources. For the past three years, a group called Hrafnar (“the Ravens”) has been performing a reconstruction of the Old Norse seidh ritual as a service to the community. Please, if you happen to know any knowledge of magic within the Asatru/Nordic Pagan branch, please list them and give some info on how to practice. Hogyan kell mondani Seidr Angol? The process is essentially interactive. I can answer more specific questions if you'd like. Trying to talk about all of it would be an entire book. Finally, the gods in general and those deities particularly associated with seidh are invoked. From this point, the journey incorporates imagery from traditional Underworld journeys, ending before the Gate, where all except the Seer/ess remain during the questioning. It is my pleasure to teach Seidr and to spark the excitement that Seidr practice brings to it's practitioners. 4, pp. With each step, the group moves deeper into the world of Norse myth. Πώς να το πω Seidr Αγγλικά; Προφορά της Seidr με 2 ήχου προφορές, 1 έννοια, και περισσότερα για Seidr. I ve been doing my research on mainly the runes, but some sources tell me that there are other magical practices such as galdr or seidr, but doesn t really tell me how to practice such magic. High Seat Seið and the Core Oracular Method. Jak to říct Seidr Anglický? Norse Paganism is polytheistic, meaning it acknowledges multiple gods. write to me at Box 5521, Berkeley, CA 94705. In asking their questions and interpreting the seidhkona’s replies, Querents would be well advised to heed the advice Socrates gave to Xenopohon regarding oracles. More often, we use the drum. Essentially it is the art of weaving destiny itself. So these things are important in my work. In Laxdælasaga, a seidh staff is found in a grave believed to be that of a völva. Shamanisms, Seidr in the sagas, Seidr within the community. In this episode, I share my thoughts of solutions on the current corona crisis: A regular meditation or Seidr practice, for example the Nordic shamanic practice of out sitting / udesidning. Taunting Odin, Loki says–. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In the center of the Sacred Grove rises Yggdrasil, the world tree. as soon as they arrive. Seer and querents have already been placed in rapport by journeying together; the seer uses his or her skills to reach a level of consciousness in which information and images can be accessed with great efficiency, but the questions, especially those coming from complete strangers, evoke the images, and validate the seer’s belief in his or her skills. What cultural or anthropological knowledge we have of Seidr comes from mention of it in some of the Icelandic Sagas dating back a thousand years. Seiðr work is for both men and women. According to Stephen Glosecki. However by far the most common use of the term seidh is in reference to a ritual in which the seeress (völva or seiðkona) sits on a platform or high seat (seidhjallr), goes into trance and prophesies for the community. What is my goal. Pronunciation of Seidr with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning and more for Seidr. This whole essay shall illustrate examples found in the myths of Northern Europe. The images which are the most common type of response can have great power, and even ordinary information conveyed in trance may acquire profound significance. I don’t need daily practice to go into trance. They should be serious, and they should be important to the asker. Your seidr doesn’t get any stronger than your general shamanic work practice: your connection with your spirit allies, your journeying skills and your ability to handle power. A whistle may signal the end of the preparatory phase. Hello! Darkness covers the tents scattered across the drying grass of the festival grounds with a kindly shadow; at the far end of the sloping valley, the cliffs are edged by the first silver shimmer of the rising moon. Tasting rock salt is helpful in grounding, and distributing it provides an opportunity to make sure that everyone has in fact shifted back to ordinary consciousness. Seidr is a shamanic and spiritual practice that has it's origins in antiquity. To read about each course, click … Roles include that of the Seer/ess, the Guide, one or more Wardens to assist in getting seers in and out of the chair and recovering as well as watching out for problems in the group as a whole, and of course, the people who are asking the questions. Plus I draw energy from the center of the Earth. In Seidr: The Gate is Open, Katie Gerrard has contributed a major work on the practices of seidr and trance prophecy, providing a practical manual full of dynamic group rituals and techniques based on known Seidr … Seidr as contested practice 71 5 The journey in the mound 73 Narrating 73 Experiencing 75 Seeing 76 Meeting 78 Speaking 80 Listening 82 Remembering 87 6 Re-evaluating the Witch-Queen 89 The women of the sagas 89 Past and present: evaluating the seidwomen 97 Heidr, discourse and interpretation 101 At the end of the narration, the Guide or a singer may sing another song to help people make the transition back to ordinary reality. In the orientation, people should be warned to make their questions as simple and specific as possible. She wore a special costume, consisting of a blue cloak ornamented with stones, a necklace of glass beads, a cap of black lambskin lined with white catskin, catskin gloves, and calfskin shoes.

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