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V3Z 6T3 Vice President – Industrial Coatings Division In 1946, Hunter Vogel recognized the opportunity in Rudy's paint business and purchased a 50% share in the company becoming co-founder of Cloverdale Paint. Cell: 204-781-8468: Business: 204-237-0241 or 1-800-665-0340: Fax: 204-233-5051 Jamie is very involved with both NACE and SSPC. Head Office 400 - 2630 Croydon Drive Surrey, B.C. Chris Guertin Vice President – Industrial Coatings Division <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Art was the Superintendent and Morey in the factory. In 1931 Rasmussen Paint combined with two other companies to become General Paint … Industrial Coatings Products. All products have specific SDS, depending upon the state they were purchased from Cloverdale Paint. Whether for your residential or commercial project, Rodda Paint has all you need: interior paint, exterior paint, stains, coats, wallpaper, paint supplies and more. Results for Industrial Equipment in Surrey, BC. MANUFACTURER'S NAME: Cloverdale Paint Inc ADDRESS : 6950 King George Boulevard Surrey, BC, EMERGENCY PHONE : 613 -996 -6666 REVISION DATE: 11-Jun -15 INFORMATION PHONE: 604 -596 -6261 ABREVIATIONS : N/AP – NOT APPLICABLE N/AV – NOT AVAILABLE Email: Send an email. Cloverdale Paint's Industrial Division provides unique solutions for three broad segments of Performance Coatings: Protective, OEM and General Industrial. 100% Solids Speak with your local Industrial Protective Coatings Representative regarding Thick Film Epoxy Coatings and Lining Systems. %���� V3Z 6T3 Phone: (604) 596-6261 Click Here to find a location near you!. 3 0 obj Business grew steadily as people discovered the quality and personal service that Rudy offered. Scorpion Divisions. 4 0 obj Cloverdale Paint Inc. Building Materials Surrey, BC 1,861 followers Cloverdale Paint is North America's largest family company that operates nationwide in Canada. �^D����RI(;4�#�|Z�D Cam Weichel <> 9 Likes, 0 Comments - Cloverdale Paint (@cloverdalepaint) on Instagram: “Chris Guertin, Vice President - Industrial Coatings Division (left) | Martin Bachand, Industrial…” Industrial Division After more than 85 years of manufacturing high performance liquid and powder coatings, we have seen the industry transform. Cloverdale Paint Introduces Online Shopping! 1 0 obj Get free custom quotes customer reviews ☆, prices, ☎ contact details , ⌚ opening hours from Surrey, BC based businesses with Industrial Equipment keyword. x��]ms�6����|;'���Fz��P2m�N�TIN.���Q\�9��8��?�/I`�T�Ԏc��>��b���N�������3������yu����p�||����ϧ��luw�Y=�?n~� ·h�|����$H8Z~~��P��� *�嗗/Bt�~\�|�� �(Z�~8�F)Z���H�6F-��%z/ߝ�O�ϯ���W�D˿�|�Id�^R���� 400 - 2630 Croydon Drive Most of our products have TDS. Chris Guertin Email: Send an email, British Columbia Industrial Sales Manager BC Region at Cloverdale Paint Inc. Vancouver, Canada Area 500+ connections. For more than 85 years we have earned the trust of professional painters, property managers, engineers and manufacturers through continuously delivering exceptional service and high-quality products. Martin Bachand Its products are sold through 65 company-owned stores and 20 dealer outlets in … endobj The search tool above - available to both Customers and Staff, provides our regularly stocked, un-tinted, non-customized product SDS. From it's humble beginnings on a farm in Cloverdale, British Columbia, Cloverdale Paint has grown into one of North America's leading manufacturer's and sellers of paint products. Before coming to Induron, Jamie was the Industrial Market Manager for Rodda/Cloverdale Paints and prior to that, he spent 15 years at Sherwin Williams in various sales and technical service roles in the Protective and Marine Coatings Division. Saskatchewan & Manitoba The history of Rodda Paint actually began in 1930 at Rasmussen Paint Company in Portland, Oregon. Phone: (604) 596-6261 Click Here to find a location near you! � Industrial Sales Manager ‐ Prairies Email: Send an email Alberta June 1, 2020 • The new online store allows Do-It-Yourself and other Retail Customers to order a wide range of paints, wood stains, varnishes and other coatings, along with all the supplies and equipment needed to tackle common painting and wood staining projects. bM9F-�Q� Cloverdale Paint Purchases Guertin Coatings, Sealants and Polymers WINNIPEG, Canada — Cloverdale Paint Inc. of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, has purchased Guertin Coatings, Sealants and Polymers Ltd. Guertin Coatings produces liquid and powder industrial coatings, resins, sealants and adhesives. Contact us for all of your new, used … %PDF-1.5 endobj Advances will be driven by strong economic growth in developing regions, particularly in the massive Asia/Pacific market, where robust gains in building construction activity will boost sales of architectural paint. H-I-S Paint Manufacturing Oklahoma City, OK 405/232.2077 Presidents: Kent Cox, Kirk Cox and Tony Cox Coatings Sales: $24 million Established in 1972, H-I-S Paint Manufacturing is a manufacturer of architectural and industrial coatings for numerous national and global markets. Our Industrial Sales Representatives and NACE Certified Inspectors have the expertise you want. <>>> �4&��4�R��Ƅ*�V Y�c��w�ް�5�&âU�� �1,�� ۫�{�������+"Alze�C�Ngʓ���s��W�;t�޼�Y�ryo%G������ޙ ���Dz1�Ьh��\�� �Z��0��R������γ�rt1���H��0Ej�[ �a�[�_����/_Ȩ"킸� A�H�AD�)F����^��|��DdR�O��7x�J�����$���j����EOT�J �i�_��++�D�@����L0������Q�qļm�E6��Lr0B�[��Q*��=���G�K��e�9�Tӎ�p��s��4��U�l�Ev4��4�Ѻ.=�;�. Each division caters to the specific needs of individual markets. Prior to that role, he spent 15 years at Sherwin Williams in various sales and technical service roles in the protective and marine coatings division. Industrial Sales Manager ­‐ BC Email: Send an email Ontario & Quebec 25. Product Line Manager - Protective Coatings  Cloverdale Paint, in business since 1938, manufactures and markets architectural and industrial-maintenance products in Canada for sale in the Pacific Northwest. Finning Canada, a division of Finning International Inc., the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer located throughout BC, SK and AB. Email: Send an email Trevor Newell Before coming to Induron, Jamie was the Industrial Market Manager for Rodda/Cloverdale Paints. OEM & Industrial Maintenance Catalog The Industrial and Protective Coatings Division of Rodda Paint Co. Rodda Paint and Cloverdale Paint manufacture and … The Cloverdale Group is North America's largest family owned and operated coatings company that operates nationwide in Canada. Review Cloverdale’s Industrial Catalogue including Technical Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets, and MPI approved products for the Industrial Maintenance line. Scorpion has 5 major divisions including: Truck Bed Liners, Commercial/Industrial, Marine, Window Film, and the DIY division. Surrey, B.C. Scorpion is divided into several divisions. Whether for Protective Coatings, OEM Finishes or general industrial coatings, we have evolved with the changing requirements of performance, technology, regulations and service through: Industrial Sales Manager ‐ AB stream Chris Guertin. The company is known for its pharmaceutical formulation capabilities in various industrial … Email: Send an email Jadon Rempel Jamie manages the Oregon and Pacific Northwest region. 2 0 obj It was at Russmussen Paint that Art Rodda and Morey Braden first met. Jamie joined the Induron team in 2019 and works from Portland Oregon to manage the Oregon and Washington Pacific Northwest region. endobj <> Vice President - Industrial Coatings Division NACE # Level 3. Industrial Sales Manager – Eastern Canada Cloverdale Paint was founded in 1933 by a farmer, chemist and paint manufacturer Rudy Henke. Since 1933 they have been providing Canadians with high quality residential, commercial and industrial coatings. Mark George Global demand for paint and coatings is forecast to rise 3.7 percent per year to 54.7 million metric tons in 2020, valued at $193 billion. Head Office Cloverdale Paint supplies Architectural and Industrial coatings through a vast network of company owned stores. The Industrial Division provides unique solutions for three broad segments of Performance Coatings: Protective; OEM; General Industrial; Each has a dedicated team within our Technology Centers, focusing on pushing the limits of design performance and product optimization to create value for our customers.

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