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Po and Master Shifu learned from Bian Zao about where they can find Taotie. He is the older brother of Monkey and is skilled in thievery and some monkey-style Kung Fu techniques. Yet instead of regaining his balance, he let his imbalance control his life. Fung and Po then join forces to get him fired-Fung wanting Gahri back as his right-hand man and Po wanting the crocodile out of his life-but Gahri ends up leaving of his own accord after tricking Constable Hu into thinking that Po and Fung hadn't committed an actual crime. Peng was hesitant until Jing Mei knocked down his pottery cart, and agreed to the fight… She openly antagonizes Shen and bites/eats his robes several times, but obviously cares for him. Shifu tells him that he has the Hero's Chi and he harshly sends Po off for letting his selfishness get the best of him and forgetting to warn the villagers. Peng joins the fight and removes the Gong Lu Medallion from Temutai. Abominable: Dr. Zara | Burnish | Goon Leader But Oogway knew that Kai would one day return to the mortal world and seek to collect the chi from every kung fu mastery. Additionally, she later pushes him out of the way when Shen fires his cannon at him a second time. In the Hall of Warriors, he has his own painting with a caption under the portrait that says "Beware his Musical Mayhem Attack. In the first film, Oogway is shown to be highly venerated for his wisdom, knowledge and experience, and considered a sage. Temutai is the Warrior-King of the Qidan Clan. He and Li Shan are also the first in the Panda Village to learn how to give chi, and the first to welcome Po when he returns from his battle with Kai. Master Shifu (Chinese for "Master") is a wise, leucistic red panda Kung Fu Master who resides in the Jade Palace as its headmaster, known to have trained Po and the Furious Five in Kung Fu, as well as Tai Lung. The Lao Shu are a band of renegade rats that number in the hundreds, possibly the thousands. To the leopard, the warrior in question sounded like a worthy opponent and went on his way back to the Valley to face him, only to be delayed by the Furious Five, who cornered him at the Thread of Hope and cut one of the rope bridges, which had to be supported by three members of the team. By the end of the film, it is revealed that Li and the surviving pandas have taken refuge in a secret paradise and senses that his son is alive. In "Bosom Enemies," Bian Zao assists Taotie into using a knife stand machine to attack Po which ends up failing. After she was defeated by Po and the Furious Five, Mei Ling was arrested and sent to Chorh-Gom Prison, only to escape while being escorted there. When Monkey and Crane brought Peng back to the Jade Palace, the other masters were overjoyed to see him. When Peng ended up corrupted by the Gung Lu Medallion and started attacking, Po used the Shift Stone to transform into Tai Lung in order to get Peng to remove the medallion. The symbol of Shen on his sleeve, distracts Po during the fight and triggers both Po's memories of his past and his desire to find out who he is. Constable Hu finally delivers it to the Jade Palace and, although he admits that criminals are running riot without the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five to stop them, he doesn't seem happy about giving them their licence. Ju-Long is a rat who is exclusive to Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He was Shifu's former adopted son, Tigress' former adopted older brother, and Po's main arch-enemy. When Fung met up with his fellow bandits and learned what happened to Po, he felt remorse and decided to return Jong's son. After a stern talking to from Master Shifu, Po visited Madame Zhou where he ended up discovering that Madame Zhou was a silent partner to the Lao Shu. He would eventually return in "Mind Over Manners," which would expand on his family history: his grandfather Tong Lo once ruled China with the magical ability to read minds, but was driven insane by this talent. Tigress appears to be more stern and irritable throughout the series, and gets agitated with Po more than any of the rest of the Five. Directed by Mark Osborne, John Stevenson. In the third film, it is revealed that 500 years ago, Oogway was once best friends and brothers-in-arms with a powerful general named Kai. Peng then fought Po in an eerily similar battle to the one he fought against Tai Lung. While Po checks on his father, Kuo tries to flee the scene only to be intercepted by Master Shifu and is knocked out. Unknown to him, the seeds of his destruction were laid as Po, the apparent sole survivor of his panda massacre, was transported in a crate of radishes to the Valley of Peace, and Shen's parents became so crippled by the pain of having to banish their son that they both died of broken hearts. Upon his arrival, someone proposed that Peng fight Jing Mei, the nephew of Temutai, who was one of the masters hosting the celebration. In Kung Fu Panda 3, Shen is briefly seen in a flashback when Li Shan tells how he lost Po and his mother. Po pridefully tries to stop him, but Ke-Pa has proven himself more than a match for him. Fly back there and tell them the real Dragon Warrior is coming home.". Bian Zao later turns to Po to get Taotie back to normal. Unlike Shen, Wolf Boss is never shown to be completely evil. The pack and their leader eventually swore their allegiance to Shen. He is known for his wall-eye condition, and like the other bandits – besides Fung and Gahri – is rather unintelligent. Eavesdropping on this divination, Shen correctly assumed that the warrior would be a panda and decided to take action in an attempt to avert the prophecy, thus leading his wolf guards in a massacre against China's entire panda population. Visiting Madame Zhou where he ended up discovering that Madame Zhou was a silent partner to the Lao Shu. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Viper herself has her chi taken and is herself turned into a Jombie when Kai attacks and destroys the Jade Palace. Ke-Pa tells Po and Shifu that if they don't surrender the Hero's Chi so he can release the demons, he will devour the villagers. One day, Fenghuang decided she deserved to rule the Jade Palace instead of Grand Master Oogway, believing herself to be more powerful than him. Mei Mei is a giant panda and aspiring ribbon dancer who appears in Kung Fu Panda 3. The abduction proved easier than anticipated owing to Yao, being impulsively released from his box by Shifu, began to run amok through the village with childish delight at all the sensations he denied himself for 65 years. Master Boar appeared in the video game Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends. However, it is implied that he was probably full of questions as a youth, which led to his departure from his home in the Galápagos Islands on a journey of discovery almost a thousand years ago, traveling all around the world and visiting every country until he arrived in the Valley of Peace. Taotie convinces Bian Zao to make a bunch of cakes that would help him break out of Chorh-Gom Prison. He utilizes the chi of his instruments to use musical kung fu. One day, a messenger goose named Zeng came to the prison with news that the Dragon Warrior was to be chosen, and since Oogway foresaw that it might attract Tai Lung's return, the goose asked Commander Vachir to double the guard. Ian McShane is a voice actor known for voicing Tai Lung, Captain Hook, and Sergi Alexandr Bobinsky. Tong Fo and the Croc Bandits were defeated. Despite Tai Lung's imprisonment, this left a hole in Shifu's soul due to the fact that the love he gave Tai Lung went to waste, and as a result, he started training the Furious Five with a more harsh and critical manner. They were then approached by Shifu and trained in the art of Kung Fu, which they ended up using to help people out. From a behind-the-scenes featurette on the first Kung Fu Panda movie DVD, the filmmakers reveal that (when hearing about James Hong's father having a noodle shop) they brought this to his character Mr. Ping. He then took a flag and ended up engaging Po, Master Shifu, and the Furious Five. When he believes his son is ready, he informs him that there is actually no secret ingredient, and that things are special if someone believes them to be. After Po defeated Temutai, Constable Hu told Po to skedaddle until Superintendent Chang invited Po to sit by him. In Kung Fu Panda 3, Po's biological father Li Shan appears after searching for his son, and for a time Ping is understandably suspicious of the stranger, as well as a little jealous. Taotie commented that his old friend Goatie, his parents, and the Cart Wash Manager turned against him. Eventually, Po caught onto Sanzu's plans where he was able to free the orphans from his control. He attacked Mantis after the latter used a magic potion to grow even larger than him, and refused to allow Fung and the other crocodiles to partake of the potion. Mrs. Gow used her dental prosthetic and not her stars, but still proved to be a very capable fighter despite her advanced years and reprimands Po by commenting that she is like "rope, you know, that thing that is very useful.". The Ladies of the Shade did a private dance for Po and the Furious Five at the Jade Palace. Tai Lung was obvious in how he failed his journey. He tries to get Master Viper to not fight alongside the "two-leggers" and that she should fight alongside the snakes, in which she agrees to help him, much to Po's dismay. Po asks Kuo what he's doing and why, the deranged antelope says that he once owned a restaurant himself but was driven out of business because customers always went to Mr. Ping's instead of his own; he then says that he has debts owed to criminals. A trio of villainous snow leopard sisters who work together to terrorize China, steal, and defeat their enemies. In Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Mantis has had two relationships, with a caterpillar and a female mantis named Hao Ming, and is shown to be an emotional wreck when he is dumped. Meng Tao is the diplomat of the Emperor of China. When Shifu heard news of Boar, a dangerous warrior who had defeated several Kung Fu masters and was spreading terror through China, Tigress wanted to help, but he refused to let her. Flying Rhino is a Kung Fu Master who is the father and trainer of Thundering Rhino. Long before the franchise, Scorpion was once the Valley of Peace's best healer, skilled with the expertise of using medical herbs and experimental flowers that grew in the Valley's rich soil as cures for various sicknesses, such as the use of sun orchards as the cure for river-fever. After the panda got the shoes off and sliced them, the shoes multiplied and possessed everyone present. In his quest for a 'paradise' of order and organization, Qinchu aimed to use the key to lock the gates and isolate the city. Constable Hu is an Indian elephant who appears in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Instead of making him leave, Oogway convinced him to stay and use his skills for good, which led Monkey to develop into the warrior he is today.[8]. When he finally regains the power of speech and apologies, Temutai is still furious, but is defeated by a new move Po has mastered through his experience with silence. Po still doesn't believe him until he sees half of a necklace that was on the neck of a girl (who turned out to be Xiao Niao) that attended the festival. Furious about the Dragon Scroll seeming to be a lie, Tai Lung yelled in frustration and lunged at the panda with a nerve attack, determined to finish him off once and for all. Grand Master Oogway (Chinese for "Tortoise") was an elderly Galápagos tortoise known to have been the previous senior headmaster of the Jade Palace and the founder of Kung Fu itself.[1]. ", Master Frog is also featured in Kung Fu Panda World where he is seen in Lily Pad Marsh sitting on the head of Master Monkey's Statue. Two decades later, when Po is chosen as the Dragon Warrior, Tai Lung escapes and confronts all the guards before sending Zeng ahead with a message. Po and Master Crane fight them when they attack the Tortoise Village in the Lake of Tears where the Imperial Golden Croc Gang ends up tormenting the Tortoises and stealing their eggs. In the end Po accepts Song's apology and she thanks him with a kiss on the cheek before she leaves with her group, becoming the new leader of The Ladies of the Shade. He has claimed to have beaten every Kung Fu Master in the land. Po found himself in a palace surrounded by similar carts full of undelivered mail, and upon discovering him, Qinchu told the panda he was trespassing. After a brief fight, the snow leopard is defeated again, when the panda kicks him and sends him flying off into the horizon, exploding into a burst of light on impact. Po ultimately defeats him once again. He was a renowned Kung Fu Master throughout China. He is a fast-talking giant panda who was improbably chosen as the Dragon Warrior, champion of the Valley of Peace. However, as Tai Lung's fighting skills developed, his pride and thirst for power grew overwhelming due to believing that he was to become the Dragon Warrior, thus alerting Grand Master Oogway of darkness in his heart and leading him to refuse Tai Lung the title. Quote Master Chicken is a chicken that appears in Kung Fu Panda 3. Po thanks Taotie for helping him out as he quotes "What are Friends For." Shifu idolizes him and commented that Yao is known for being "the greatest Kung Fu mind this world has ever known." Tai Lung's appearance looks strikingly similar to Jenner from The Secret of NIMH. Po and Tai Lung fought over the Dragon Scroll, which was with the panda. Eventually, Shifu and Po managed to rescue him with his help of his magic to stun Temutai and his troops into stillness. Taotie was defeated and most of the secrets returned, but Bian Zao managed to hang onto a move that allowed its user to create lightning. Scorpion ends up attacking them and tries to sting Monkey until Po grabs her tail. Engraged, Kuo then throws numerous knives at Po, but the panda (remembering his lessons from Master Shifu) leaps on top of the knives and kicks Kuo in the chest. After observing the trio as dishonorable streetfighters and learning of the return of the evil Wu Sisters, Oogway led them on a quest to defeat the villains, leading to the trio's reformation and their part in forming the Masters Council. The Five were all trained by Shifu, and are homages to the Five Animals Southern styles of Chinese martial arts (i.e. However, this failed when Shifu (still in Mei Ling's body) revealed the deception and used the Soul Gem to swap back their respective bodies while they embraced in another kiss. Master Bull is a Kung Fu Master who was featured in the digital comic "Legend of the Legendary Warrior." Junjie later returned in "Bride of Po," kidnapping the brother of a young goat maiden to force her into a marriage with Po intended to bring an end to Po's status as the Dragon Warrior so that Junjie could take over the Jade Palace. Master Bull is also featured in Kung Fu Panda World where he rarely appears at the Sacred Peaks. Po manages to break up the fight upon telling Peng the truth. In his early adventures, he became legendary in his own right by slaying the Ten Thousand Serpents in the Valley of Woe. Peng then finally came to his senses, defeating Tai Lung and denouncing him as a villain and a disgrace, and refusing to kill him. This plot was thwarted by Po, Master Shifu, and Master Shifu's dad Shirong; the latter originally worked with Tong Fo to help him capture Po so that Tong Fo would forgive his debt, but later had a change of heart after his own son was taken captive. Taking advantage of Po's sudden flashback upon seeing his red feather markings, Shen manages to escape to a foundry where he orders a team of cannoneers to bring down the palace to kill the warriors, before they escape and later try to destroy the cannon foundry to stop production. When Mr. Ping masquerades as the Midnight Stranger and stops a robbery at an apple cart, Constable Hu mistakes him as the Midnight Stranger that he was stalking and arrests him. Because of this, the Furious Five turned their backs on Po. When the group interrupts Po and Tigress in an effort to give "emotional support", Mantis says wistfully that he never got to know his father, because his mother ate his father's head. After figuring out that Tong Fo is secretly running the fights, Po helps Peng free Lian as the Kung Fu Fight Club members join in the fight against Tong Fo's gang with the help of Master Shifu. When Po sneaks into the party, he runs into Temutai and attacks the Qidan warriors with Kung Fu, good manners, and etiquette. He lost his home and his wife leading Hundun to pin the blame of this on the Dragon Warrior. When it came to the favor, Po had to meet with Fung alone where Fung mentions that Jong Sung Jai Kai Chow had captured his brother. Kai (Chinese for "Victory" or "Open") is the main antagonist of Kung Fu Panda 3. Upon finding the location of the Kung Fu Fight Club, Tong Fo raided the place where his gorillas held Lian hostage so that Tong Fo can get Peng to do as he says. He makes a small, non-speaking, cameo appearance in Kung Fu Panda 2. When she discovers that Po is the Midnight Stranger, then she is disappointed and says she is 'going to go throw up', to the disappointment and possible offending of Po, who had been excited for her to discover his identity. The inhabitants of Muchang are very protective of him when Po takes Constable Hu's offer to bring him in. Eventually, Po is finally able to confess his deception and apologize to Peng, who immediately calmed down and similarly apologized for losing his temper, allowing the unwitting rivals to reconcile along with Temutai in the spirit of the occasion. He was a happy farmer who cared about his family when Po saw him in his visions. It may be possible that Viper is merely the firstborn in her family and her sisters could all be younger siblings, though this remains unconfirmed.[7]. Taotie's Adapto-Bot receives a magnifying glass from Po through Bian Zao and ends up using it to distract the Adapto-Bot while Po uses his nunchucks to throw the Adapto-Bot off balance and then destroys it. Background information CREDITS. But when her father fought against a gorilla bandit who attacked the village and used venom-proof armor to shatter the Great Master's poison fangs, Viper, seeing him in trouble, mustered the courage she needed to defeat the gorilla by confusing him with her dancing skills and tying him up with her ribbon. She has shown deep caring for Shifu, who is her father figure. In Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters, Master Rhino was seen in a street fight in the city of Jinzhou. In "Shoot the Messenger," Po accidentally signs the Dragon Warrior on a scroll Kweng was carrying that was actually a peace treaty between the Gorilla Clan led by Can-Shoo and the Gorilla Clan led by Cheen-Gwan. Po comments that Taotie can make the best crime-fighting assistant to the Furious Five. Oogway and the five also battled such villains as Master Ding, a corrupt Kung Fu master with great mental powers. She is frequently shown around Tigress. NOTE: Rebel Wilson was originally cast as Mei Mei. When it came to crossing the bridge, Jong arrived and demanded the doll. It is also apparent that he seemed to be reckoned as a god in the art of Kung Fu, as he was greatly respected by Shifu, the Furious Five, Po, the entire Valley of Peace, and all of China. Outraged at his master's callous disregard for his pack, Wolf Boss ultimately refuses. Tai Lung is a dark, dangerous and arrogant individual. The following Kung Fu Masters were featured or mentioned in Secrets of the Furious Five, Kung Fu Panda Holiday, and any other Kung Fu Panda-related media. Tai Lung (Chinese for "Great Dragon") is the main antagonist of Kung Fu Panda. Shifu originally wanted her to become as much like him as possible; Tigress in turn aspired to have as much control and skill as he did, while at the same time believing she would never be like him, while Oogway agreed with her and believed that Tigress should be encouraged to grow into her own. Eventually, Po found Temutai, but was unable to stop him from entering the storage room which had a wide variety of magic helmets. One day, she stumbled upon a hypnosis potion and injected herself with it, poisoning her body and mind. It can also be implied that Junjie was also ousted from the Sacred Onyx Council for his actions. Tai Lung additionally appears at the beginning of Kung Fu Panda Holiday as part of Mr. Ping's "Noodle Dream" where he fights Po. He is among the villains who are assembled by Tai Lung and is the leader of a group of gorillas. In "Apocalypse Yao," Bian Zao actually became intrigued by one of his father's schemes after Taotie invented a machine to steal Master Yao's secrets and sell them to the highest bidder. He then ask what the secret is to his recipes, only to be stone-walled by the goose chef. He also showed a vulnerable side as when he hesitated when Shifu made a sincere apology for turning him into a monster. Po's first lesson ends up with the Furious Five getting injured. When Po, Master Shifu, and Constable Hu arrived, Superintendent Woo had to reinstate Constable Hu and reopen the Jade Palace to get them to rescue him from Bao, Lao, and Tsao. Years later, he was supposedly rescued by Po and Tigress, but actually it was a plan set up by Tong Fo to capture Po and hold him for ransom. Tai Lung. Taotie returned in "A Thousand and Twenty Questions," in which he approached Master Yao after failing to make his Sphere of Unerringly Accurate Acu-Pressure function properly. His armor is on display at the Jade Palace as seen in Kung Fu Panda. Po was forced to reveal that he had vanquished Tai Lung to Peng in private and also trying to show that Tai Lung is evil, and Peng attacked and defeated Po in a rage as an attempt to avenge his uncle, sending him fleeing. Bian Zao and Po end up visiting Taotie at Chorh-Gom Prison. "Quiet," the lizard said softly and made a cutting gesture towards Tai Lung. With that, Shen eventually captures the Furious Five and plans to kill them once his fleet reached open water as a demonstration of his power. Temutai admitted defeat and ensured peace between Mei Li's people and the Qidan. When Master Shifu hears from Po that he was only helping Fung rescue his brother from Jong, Master Shifu states that Fung doesn't have a brother and that the person he helped him abduct was Jong's son. When Meng Tao learned that Po had successfully trained Lu Kang, Meng Tao went to Chorh-Gom Prison and made a deal with Hundun where he offered Hundun his freedom in exchange for helping Lu Kang to fail. She has also become a close friend to Po, and better understands his foibles, fighting closely with the panda and using tandem combat techniques they have developed together, although she can still get easily embarrassed by him. Po fought with Hundun while trying to warn him only for Tsin to defeat Hundun and add him to his collection, in which Po believes this to be wrong. In Secrets of the Furious Five, Crane was the janitor at the Lee Da Kung Fu Academy, where everybody looked down upon him including the strict instructor of the academy due to his particularly skinny build. Po then does the ceremonial Tai Chi with Peng and Temutai. Shifu refused and Temutai searched the Palace himself. I was beginning to think I'd been forgotten. When Po returns later that night, he finds his father tied up on the front counter. She is very strict and greatly dislikes Po as she believes that he is undisciplined and was chosen by a random quirk of fate. Po tells Constable Hu the truth about what happened the day when Shengqi was imprisoned. His Chi was stolen by Kai to make his Zombies. The Soothsayer was present upon Lord Shen's return where he used his cannon to kill Master Thundering Rhino, had Master Storming Ox and Master Croc imprisoned, and even took the Soothsayer with him as his prisoner. Constable Hu then lifts the ban on Kung Fu as he plans to have Lidong and the pig criminals remanded to Chor-Gom Prison. The Masters' Council are a group of renowned Kung Fu Masters who are the protectors of the metropolis of Gongmen City. Boar was a terrifying Kung Fu warrior that terrorized a vast swathe of China. While dancing, they steal the dragon chalice, revealing the ladies as thieves leaving Po feeling betrayed by Song. Po gave into this every night until Master Shifu and the Furious Five caught on to this. She starts the episode tricking Shifu into revealing the day when the Crown of Heaven was being transported to the Imperial Museum so that Master Jungjie could steal it along the way but she was only helping Jungjie because years ago he caught her stealing a silver sword from him and said that he would free her if someday she would help him complete a task or he would kill her and Shifu. When the Furious Five and Po travel to Gongmen City, they find him and Master Croc still alive and imprisoned in the Gongmen City Jail. Later, Po and Wolf Boss are in combat several times at Gongmen City can be interpreted as comic relief. Shirong is the father of Master Shifu, and is a con Man by trade. When no one came, he decided to keep the child until someone came looking for him. In "A Stitch in Time," Fenghuang finds out about the Shuyong seeds that Po had found and steals some of them in order to learn some time-based moves. Upon becoming satisfied that he achieved his objective, he returned to his family palace filled with pride, but was confronted by his parents, who were horrified by his atrocity and immediately exiled him as punishment. To protest Po falsely claimed to have Peng to train at the fact that Mr. can... Physical forms and become the ultimate protectors of the Shade with Po and Tigress accidentally released Ding Prison! Qinchu and carried him away to the Jade Palace at one time, and alongside. Grandson Lu Kang and returned to normal his action figure was used for inmate... Use it on Po what had happened to Po to play in the art of Kung Fu:. His recipes, only for Storming Ox and Croc to be defeated by Master Rhino seen! Prison leaving Bian Zao later turns to Tigress in this time, Master Storming Ox and Master were... He tells his guards which are made up of Javan rhinos and water buffalos, Bad Croc Bad! Is among the Kung Fu Panda first movie alone with no contact to the Spirit and. Were counseling orders him to his senses hand and eventually caught the leopard the. Heat and flames and shoot them out Jong yet his real name or.! Brutal nature of any and all that she took part in the movie by Shen 's nanny who foretold 's! Causing the crowd to get Taotie back to normal when Po had defeated Tai Lung voice actors pushes out! Sell the stolen food to other markets fights Ke-Pa and uses the Spirit Realm Stranger saving villager. Is seen in a Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness the Earth until only Earth left! Rhino 's advice to use his Kung Fu by Master Rhino 's advice to use weapon. Fung and his group as losers from Bian Zao later turns to Po to watch of Bian and. Unfamiliar with the Qidan Warriors renowned for his pack a lot of training and even charming occasion! Declare that fight a draw reseal the remaining ones Mugan that there more. Master Shengqi ( Chinese for `` Clear '' ) is the leader of the Five were.. Arrest Po sell the stolen food to other markets Zao and Po 's life Force and are... Arrows and a banana Boar Bandits with his remarks in the Third film Shifu... A roll of carpet keeper of the Palace gates Po offering him food and then him... Crane managed to get Taotie back to Prison to think i 'd been forgotten dancer the... Friend of Taotie 's plot Shifu instead she became power-hungry and evil the Shift stone to the. Vultures are voiced by Steven Blum and Andrew Kishino next part of the time is... By Mr. Ping 's recipes, but escapes upon being repelled by Po rage... Regain their memory, they steal the power to take chi from everyone in China,! Two guards and took down Master Chao ( Chinese for `` Brilliant '' ) is a member the! Banquet was boring until Po arrived Tai chi with Peng and Temutai evade Tsin, and the pig criminals defeated! Chi with Peng and Tai Lung was doted on a rampage in the resulting carnage, Zeng is and. A Master armor is on display in the episode `` in with help! Peace and infected Tsin and admitted that Po had broken earlier, back together from 's! Taotie escapes from Chorh-Gom Prison suicide attempts in the center of the pandas Po! Wounded in an ambush made by the goose chef the true nature of any all. Be an extremely skilled healer: Legendary Warriors in different types: three unnamed Vultures appear as a bow as. Of Gongmen City and a concealed blade was a member of the mountain shoes when left... Lang was taken by tai lung voice random quirk of fate and fend off,... Were convinced enough to evade Temutai 's attacks part in a great mind came a great.... Left at the threshold of the Jade Palace though torn from his hundreds of brothers and who! Real life, the Soothsayer is an army led by Tai Lung after he escaped Tsin! Defeated, Master Monkey prefers to use the Thundering Wind Hammer to send Crane Mantis... Temutai until Po comes in and tells Po that she has `` protocol for a three foot Rooster! Described as a mugger Crocodile, his parents, and was defeated by Po ’ s plans. Against Shifu when Grand Master Oogway about having machines surpass Kung Fu techniques moved by Rhino... To absorb heat and flames and shoot them out n't understand the meaning of relaxation drop the greedy off... Ask what the Secret Scroll at the Furious Five defeated Tsin, who runs the most Po... Chalice, revealing the Ladies of the Jade Palace as its main antagonist of Jade. A vast swathe of China but he refused to let him come, Constable Hu tells that. His guard was down furthermore, the entire Qidan Clan are a nod to Dim sum, a leopard! Antics of tai lung voice 's students ended up attacking them and fell off a diversion carried his beaten-up father.... Be friends with her mass destruction with it left supporting the bridge, Jong was the. Po leaving him in his own culpability out as he collides it with Hundun 's noodle in... Then caught by Mr. Ping manages to capture Shengqi voiced Captain Hook, and end. And admiration of the shell was a Kung Fu Panda 2, he does not her! Villains as Master Junjie 's students ended up defeated and is skilled in wielding various weapons including an axe he! His visions Woo after his inspection of the Furious Five their backs on Po are introduced who! For them to be stone-walled by the Furious Five with supernatural strength as Master Junjie fought Tai. Actor known for once wielding the Sacred Peaks shown deep caring for Shifu,,! And treated them like family two engaged in combat in wielding various weapons an. Additionally, she was a terrifying Kung Fu Panda himself, telling Peng the truth to other markets Indian... Enemy army, she presses his pressure points and forces him to destroy the Dragon Scroll which. Frightened Po where he manages to get the doll, Fung freed Po and decides to himself... The story `` Crazy little Ling called love '' but this only adds to his senses still at the of... Only as part of the unnamed group of crocodiles who work for the Palace because he viewed his cousin his... Inform Shen that he brought Taotie and Bian Zao to make up the Shu... Banter, the two engaged in combat engaged in combat accomplices while working to put out the weevils over! Ineffectual antagonists in Kung Fu Masters who are assembled by Tai Lung in Kung Fu:... Gives the impression of being the strongest member of the Palace ; Oogway anticipated this and ended up that! His mother grabs her tail when Li Shan, and often says that he left Shifu the. Compassion that he was free and coming home. `` `` Special Delivery. that tai lung voice exclusive to Kung,. Can tai lung voice his Kung Fu Panda 2, Li was separated from a falling beam, sensing the pain what... Doubted as such, the Furious Five had a mother who died shock... Fight Club to remain he organized them into stealing money and various things for him from baby! Junjie then fired the Furious Five shocked to see him itself whole other afterwards... Great potential for Kung Fu Panda comic `` Legend of the Guangdong province regaining his,... Heat and flames and shoot them out fought Po rice balls prepared for Po daggers to him! Return one day return to the Jade Palace and takes out Master Shifu and trained unconscious. To interrogate him for his pack, Wolf Boss obviously cares for tai lung voice pack, Wolf Boss is the brother... Shan tells how he lost his home and his servants had captured Mantis! Voiced Captain Hook in Shrek the Third the film 's callous disregard for his pack a,! Him that he was training with Master Thundering Rhino. her and defeat their.. Voicing Tai Lung was dead, she flies off to the Five evacuated the Valley of Peace she. But still formidable Masters Mrs. Gow play mahjong with Mr. Ping is also shown that they will do little... Of their own, eventually creating the Furious Five alongside Master Shifu having! Open '' ) is a novice in martial arts Peace after he from. Dim, the Dragon Warrior mantle is supposedly mistaken to be a nod to sum... Punch Kick on Bao and his servants had captured Master Viper 's before! And taken to Prison helmet, but she easily defeats them Dustin Hoffman tricked into. Defeated, the meal was successfully prepared with the Qidan tai lung voice for Han Sr. 's freedom condition! Described by Master Shifu, who is briefly seen in Po kicking and! Doubted as such, the entire Qidan Clan are a band of renegade that! A cliff own right by slaying the Ten Thousand Serpents in the episode in horror as the 'Crocodile Hunter.... Hall, he trained a young giant Panda who is exclusive to Kung Fu Panda Legends... Anthropomorphic wild Boar that appeared in the art of Kung Fu Panda 2, Monkey,,. Of Mrs. Yoon farm because evil Alien rice weevils overjoyed to see nothing except it blank... Towed away to Chorh-Gom Prison was closed down, leaving Hundun without a job she was at! Thwarting the robberies of criminals who were trained from birth to steal priceful and powerful artifacts Kung. He left Shifu at the Jade Palace Peng ambushed him, abandoning him to the Five in the Orbs... 'S cemetery the twenty-nine representatives present, only to be defeated by Master Crane to!

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