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Click the Transcript tab above to read the full transcript. But the rugged individualism that often still defines life in rural Montana can mask deep suffering, and darker moments from Grace's childhood cast a shadow on her happy memories. “Explore the Outdoors” will include new special episodes starting April 20th from Wild Kratts (who have an all new app too!) People know my face, they know my name. Shot entirely on location in high definition resolution, Outdoor Idaho explores the beauty, the drama and the science of nature, while examining the significant environmental and resource issues facing the west. Watch full episodes and play PBS KIDS games at ! She describes dealing with her trauma as organizing a filing cabinet in her head, learning how to process her emotions and memories so they become manageable. Dec 29 Produced in partnership with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Outdoors highlights the state's outdoor recreation, environmental issues, conservation initiatives, and natural resources. Home Sign In To PBS KIDS. And I couldn’t understand that,” she added. “Research shows that being outside helps kids improve their critical thinking skills, boosts their attention spans, enhances empathy and lowers stress,” said Lesli Rotenberg, Chief Programming Executive & General Manager, Children’s Media & … Time Scanners: Petra DVD,Time Scanners: Petra In the desert of Southern Jordan lies Petra, an ancient city that was lost to the West for more than 1,000 years. But when Grace walked into the Sweet Grass County High School guidance counselor’s office and said she needed help, the counselor was able to point her to Martinsen-Blake’s new Community Health Worker program, and she in turn connected Grace with a therapist. Experts here say many children are growing up in homes plagued by domestic abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and depression. And suffering from bipolar, he would hit the lows and the depressions and he couldn't get out of bed. “Everybody in this town knows my dad, essentially, and they know him as the music man,” Grace said.” “It feels like I’m keeping him alive through the music in a lot of ways.”, And she hopes her family’s cycle of intergenerational trauma has been broken with her. Dick Proenneke returned the next summer to finish the cabin where he lived for over 30 years. “Because I can speak from personal experience, I feel like I have this opportunity to look at other people in the eyes who’ve gone through similar experiences as me and to tell them, you’re going to be OK,” she said. The two had been close, joined by their love of music and the outdoors, and his death sent Grace to what she calls “the deepest, darkest place I’ve ever been.” Grace considered taking her own life – but there was a new program in the town of Big Timber that she credits with saving her life instead. Across rural Montana, school counselors are often the only resource for students struggling with mental health issues. Tapping into TPT’s rich archive of historical stories and adding new ones to the fold, Minnesota Experience holds the mirror of history up to the modern moment as a force that Dec 28 Montana has one of the highest rates of suicide in the country, including for adolescents. Alone in the Wilderness DVD,Dick Proenneke retired at age 50 in 1967 and decided to build his own cabin on the shore of Twin Lakes. While attitudes and resources are starting to change in some parts of the state, other areas are still struggling, like Montana's reservations, where Native youth suicide deaths occur at five times the rate of the rest of the state. Catch new episodes of Wild Kratts and Nature Cat on April 15th! In rural Montana, scarce mental health resources and stigmas … - Incorporate PBS KIDS Explore the Outdoors – Day in the Park materials into exiting or previously planned Earth Month activities. For the "PBS NewsHour," I'm Cat Wise in Montana. “I’m hellbent on being the chain-breaker, because it’s what my dad would have wanted.”. But they're showing up every day. Her father took his life. But there's still not a lot of knowledge. His grandpa was schizophrenic. Visions of the Great Cities of Europe DVD, Expedition with Steve Backshall, Season 1 DVD. You can use the Explore Outdoors Toolkit to start an afterschool or family program that helps 6- to 9-year-olds kids and their families get outdoors, get moving, and get into nature – right in their own neighborhoods! Dinosaur Train: Explore Outdoors! A lot of the shame, the guilt, it wasn't all stuff that was happening because of choices I made. Her guidance counselor was able to connect her to a new program that Grace says saved her life. The rural areas are having a much harder time, hospitals that don't have the ability to stay alive in rural communities. Nineteen percent had actually attempted at least one or more times. We have really worked hard to make peace with things. The Story of India & More Michael Woods Titles, Going, Going Gone! So the Super Readers dash into the Australian folk tale of Tiddalick the Frog and make the acquaintance of a funny amphibian whose puddle jumping is using up all the water and leaving his neighbors in the dust - literally! On a warm, fall day, Grace brought her guitar down to a creek that runs behind the log cabin where her family used to live. Kids are so resilient. Not having both parents in the household really affected my self-esteem, my confidence level, some of the stuff I have seen, of course, like family members that were thrown in jail or prison, physical abuse. PBS has received approval from participating PBS KIDS series producers to present characters in the context of PBS KIDS Explore the Outdoors. Now my generation, like, this is a new thing, but I am one of the first to learn about trauma and then come out and teach my people. Savannah says many of the hardships experienced by children on the reservation today are the result of trauma that goes back generations. That displacement and many other injustices, she says, are at the root of so many problems Native people face around the country.

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